Saturday, February 2, 2013

Time to Start

Ok, so I've been talking with my mommy and mommy to be friends and have come to a realization that there just isn't enough blogs out there that give full weekly meal planning advice. So I've decided that I will start one here. And of course mix in a little bit of our travels with the boys. My goal is to have a shopping list for each week to make it easy to get supplies!

I have been doing weekly meal planning for about 6 months now. In my perfect world, I decide on my menu on Friday, do my shopping on Saturday and have all my prep for the week done on Sunday. then I separate into storage baggies and either freeze or toss in the fridge. I like to do a lot of crockpot meals, with our schedule they tend to work well for our families. I will try and take pictures along the way. I did have one mommy ask me to start with very basic instructions, so for her (and you know who you are!) I will until she feels more confident in her own abilities.

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